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Do uchodźców narodowości irańskiej w obozie w Albanii

Tuż przed Bożym Narodzeniem gościłem w kolejnych trzech obozach dla uchodźców - tym razem w Albanii (wcześniej w roku 2016 w Iraku, Libanie i Jordanii). Występowałem tam, na obrzeżach albańskiej stolicy przed, w sumie 2700 osobami. Przyjechały one w ostatnich trzech latach do Tirany z Iraku, ale są narodowości irańskiej. A oto moje wystąpienie w jednym z obozów dla imigrantów:

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, Salam Bar Shoma !

I am very pleased to be here in Tirana with you today.

This is the 3rd time I visit Albania. The first time it was in 2005 when I was an observer from the European Parliament for the general elections in Albania. 

But this time I am here for two very important reasons. 

The first reason is thatI have come to thank Albanian government and Albanian people for accepting all of the refugees from Camp Liberty. 

This morning I had a meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama. I told him that his decision to accept all residents of Camp Liberty will go down in history as a courageous example. 

The second reason and for me, a much more important reason, was to see you all !

Your relocation here was a great victory for us in the European Parliament as many of us have been fighting for your rights, for your safety and security for the last 13 years. Many resolutions and statements have been adopted in the European Parliament to support Ashraf and Camp Liberty. 

So it was personally very important for me to come here and to see you and thank you for your resistance and for your fight for freedom in Iran. 

From the first day when I entered the European Parliament, in 2004, I come in contact with the Iranian opposition. I learned about your fight for democracy and freedom. I learned about your sufferings. I learned about your commitments. All of you, the brave people in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, you have set the examples for others. 

You sacrificed your lives and everything you had for the freedom of your country. This commitment and the price that you paid in all these years is something that is very valuable and very rare in this world today. 

You have stood up to today’s most serious and dangerous threat which is our common enemy. It is the Islamic Fundamentalism that has been spread in the world by the mullahs in Tehran. 

In all my 13 years in the European Parliament I have had very good relation and cooperation with the Iranian opposition, with the PMOI and movement that is led by Mrs Maryam Rajavi. 

We have often invited Mrs Rajavi to the European Parliament to listen to her views. She has been guiding us to adopt a correct policy with regards to the situation in Iran and the region

I think everyone can see today that she was right when she said if we appease the mullahs they will just get worse and commit more crimes. 

Just look at Syria and Aleppo and the role of Iran and Russia in these crimes.  

As you know, I come from Poland. A country that was under Soviet dictatorship for many years, similar to Albania. We know what it means to live under oppression. And this is why we fully understand your fight and its importance. 

I can give you one example. In the European Parliament, we used to be 54 MEPs from Poland, all from different political parties and tendencies. But when there was a statement on the situation of human rights in Iran, or the situation in Camp Ashraf, more than 50 of the Polish MEPs would sign it. So this means it is not only a political issue for us but also a humanitarian and moral issue that we understand because we experienced repression just like you. 

You know that there is a long history of friendship between the Polish and the Iranian people. When General Anders, the Commander of Polish army had to move his troops from the Soviet to save them from starvation and death through northern Iran, his soldiers were joined by many polish civilian families and children who had been deported to USSR. Many of the polish children who had lost their parents and were orphans were taken care of by Iranian people in different cities. In the city of Isphahan alone some 2000 polish orphan children were taken care of. 

So the people of Poland have a good memory of the kindness and hospitably of the Iranian people. And this is why we feel it is also our responsibility to help you and your people now that you are in need. 

We believe the people of Iran deserve to be free! 

Your brothers and sisters who lost their lives in Ashraf and Liberty, those of you who were wounded and those who got permanent injuries, all of you will be remembered in the history of Iran as the heroes of our times. 

It is your engagement and commitment to the struggle to freedom and democracy that has brought so many supporters from all over the world on your side. 

I am waiting for the day to meet you all in a free and democratic Iran.

Thank you, Pirooz Bashid 

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