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The jammer debuted at the Shanghai Expo

From May 24th to 26th, the annual 17th Shanghai International Public Security Products Expo (referred to as "Shanghai Security Expo") kicked off at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.

Thousands of industry leaders, innovators and Developers gather together, and heroes from all walks of life come up with housekeeping skills for human beings to live and work in peace and contentment, showing the latest technologies and products. It fully demonstrates the latest achievements of the security industry in the field of intelligence, and embodies the new concept of smart security. Exhibits such as video surveillance, building intercom, burglar alarm, drone, VR, robot, signal jammer and so on are integrated into a complete set of effective security system, big data mining, face recognition and analysis, artificial intelligence application, let us zero distance Experience a safe life in a smart city.

High-frequency multi-functional mobile phone jammers, drone jammers, intelligent security robots, security detectors, AR glasses... many cutting-edge security equipment were unveiled in Shanghai. Cell phone signal jamming device , drone jammers and intelligent security service robots are attracting attention as the latest research and development of security equipment. Many visitors gathered in front of a UAV jammer. According to the exhibitor, this UAV jammer looks like a sniper gun. It can drive away UAVs by interfering with UAV control links and navigation links. Or the purpose of forcing it to land, to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace.

As Shanghai's financial industry and foreign trade industry are very developed, it will promote the rapid development of Shanghai's economy. With the advent of affordable cell phones and equally affordable calling plans, many citizens of Shanghai now own at least one cell phone. Mobile devices have the advantage of being able to communicate with participants at any time of the day, but they also have disadvantages. For example, in a responsible meeting, a colleague's phone rings either ridiculously or indecently. The atmosphere of the working environment is broken, and it is difficult for everyone to concentrate. At this time, the multi-functional Wifi signal jammer solves the signal jammer, so that the meeting can grasp the main thread of the conversation and spend more time.

Also the use of mobile devices in shops and institutions in subways, theaters and museums is highly frowned upon. The Shanghai government they are now considering using jammers from exposition exhibits in libraries and museums. Jammers prevent signals from getting into range of phones and sometimes act as defenders to protect sensitive information and prevent it from being written to. Even subways have jammers installed. Mobile device manufacturers actively oppose GPS Tracker jammer because, in some cases, a person's life may depend on making a call to a cell phone. According to data provided by Shanghai ambulance service experts, nearly 3 million calls are received on average every year. In this case, locking device manufacturers are more concerned with their profits than with the health and safety of citizens.

In addition to these, the 17th Shanghai Security Expo will also comprehensively display the latest achievements of the security industry in the field of intelligence, focusing on the new concept of smart security. In terms of anti-terrorism, "anti-collision columns", "sonic shields", "drone and anti-drone jammers", "X-ray safety detectors", "face recognition" applied to large passenger flow places such as ports, airports and subway stations And other products have proposed solutions to the severe anti-terrorism situation; "ATM intelligent protection cabin", "AR glasses", "intelligent security service robot", "autonomous patrol vehicle robot" are the latest research and development of security equipment.

Comprehensively improve the security level of the traditional security system, upgrade from the original "passive security" to "active security", which improves the overall security of the security system; the development of remote monitoring technology makes Internet cameras enter thousands of households, and detectors alarm Afterwards, video linkage is triggered to provide an important guarantee for family safety. Fingerprint locks, explosion-proof, and anti-pry lock cylinders constitute the safest guardian door gods; in terms of smart elderly care, the situation of the elderly at home can be monitored in real time through the Internet platform, and the property Services, community shopping, catering express delivery, medical health, education and culture and other community services are organically integrated to build a more intelligent and humane home environment.

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