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The movement for the independence of Catalonia from Spain has a long history, but it seems obvious that this movement has obtained large support from abroad. The chamber of National court has opened an investigation on the case of interference with the internal affairs of Spain by Russian intelligence services. It is related to the fact of organization of illegal referendum on the independence of Catalonia from Spain.

Though the major number of investigation records of the investigation, carried by 6th investigation branch of chamber of National court are still classified, it has been known from rather informed source that the chief of the specified branch Manuel García Castellón suggests that the Russian intelligence officers were involved in the preparation of illegal referendum and later clashes in Catalonia. It is worth mentioning that during the mass protests in Catalonia the journalists saw flags of so-called DPR and LPR – pro-Russian separatist formations in East of Ukraine. Having shown loyalty to Russian puppet regimes, the organizers of mass protests and riots in Barcelona have given enough proofs that the preparation of refendendum on the independence of Catalonia has Russian origins and can be regarded as the conspiracy against territorial integrity of Spain.

The investigation has confirmed the connection of organization of referendum in Catalonia with officers of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (so-called “Unit 29155”). The investigation records mentioned the RF citizen Sergey Fedotov, who had visited Catalonia and in particular Barcelona in the time of proclamation of “independence referendum”. The investigative branch has evidences, that Sergey Fedotov is fake name of Russian military intelligence officer Denis Sergeev. Investigators also obtained facts that Sergeev had visited Barcelona many times, his last visit was just 3 days before “referendum on independence of Catalonia from the Spain”. While trying to leave Spain, Sergeev was arrested in Girona province on Oct 4, 2018. The weapon was found in his car, registered in Belarus. This case is being investigated now.

Though the absence of final results of investigative team, the activity of Russian military intelligence in Spain is confirmed by overwhelming evidences. The involvement of Russia in upsurges of separatism in Europe is much more apparent day by day. There are a lot of facts that Russia provides support to affiliated movements in Europe with financing and organization backup. Also it is confirmed a destabilizing role of Unit 29155 around the Europe. The officers of this unit is accused of attempted murder of former GRU officer Sergey Skrypal in the UK, attempted coup d’etat in Montenegro, plans to create spy network in Serbia.

The aim of destabilizing activities and inflammation of separatism in the EU countries is obvious: support of separatism and affiliated movements is a threat not only for the security of particular European countries, it is the danger for the European security in general. Russia tries to plunge internal European affairs into chaos, in order to fish in cloudy water of separatism, the same way as Russia acts in Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Ukrainian Donbas.

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