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Changes in signal jammers for the 2022 mid-term and college entrance examinations

The high school entrance examination is the only way for every student to enter a higher education, and it is also an examination for the selection of talents in our country that affects the fate of hundreds of millions of people.

The high school entrance examination is the only way for every student to enter a higher education, and it is also an examination for the selection of talents in our country that affects the fate of hundreds of millions of people. It is not only students, teachers and parents who face the test of the high school entrance examination, but also a test of education departments and government units at all levels. The cell phone jamming device has become a "standard" product in various examination rooms, whether it is the senior high school entrance examination, graduate entrance examination, English CET-4 or CET-6, civil service examination, and various professional examinations. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination, block To cut off the wireless signal and isolate the cheating methods through electronic products, the signal jammer will be used!

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, more and more people use mobile phones to cheat, and there will be some people who cheat for personal gain in every exam. This has become an issue that the education sector pays more and more attention to. In order to ensure the information security of the examination room, some ordinary colleges and universities generally use the test room signal blocker to interfere with external signals within a certain range. Every year during the high school entrance examination, we will see news, such as which examination room security work is not done well, the most serious of which is the time when Wu Moumou, a candidate in Wuhan, illegally brought a mobile phone into the examination room last year to take pictures of the test papers and then uploaded them to the Internet. In response to the negligence of security checks and exam proctors, the Huangpi District Admissions Office said that the candidate was able to upload exam questions with his mobile phone due to a loophole in the 5G signal jammer.

Now there are special test room wifi Bluetooth Jammer for exams, but some people want to use some means to cheat, and even look for loopholes at all costs. The previous signal shielding equipment used to cut off the signal in sections, and the signal was converted one at a time. But this kind of equipment can transmit multi-segment signals at the same time, the signal is stable, and it can shield a long distance, so don't take chances. Nowadays, technology is getting more and more developed, and the products produced by many companies are getting more and more advanced. With the development of science and technology, I believe that the equipment in this area will only become more and more accurate in the future.

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, the requirements for jammers have also increased accordingly. Since the 5G commercial license has been issued in 2019, after several years of base station construction, the effective coverage of 5G signals has been achieved in most of the first- and second-tier cities in my country, so the signal jammer for the college entrance examination must increase the shielding of the 5G frequency band , especially the incident of leaking questions in Wuhan last year has also strengthened the determination of examination departments in various places to optimize the original test room signal jammers and increase the signal frequency bands that can be shielded. The signal jammer specially developed and produced by the existing company can effectively shield 2345G mobile phone signals. When using the GPS Tracker jammer , you should also pay attention to whether there is interference from the signal amplifier of the communication base station near the place, and the placement of the mobile phone signal jammer. The position should not face the direction of the base station, try to choose the middle position of the site, and the height is about 2 meters.

Compared with the previous test signal jammer, the current signal jammer can be turned on and off the smart jammer with one key on the remote host; there are nine working periods, and the working hours of each working period can be freely set by the user according to actual usage needs; Automatically alarm and cut off the power supply of the smart jammer main board. Not only is it safer, but it can also effectively prolong the service life of the smart jammer;
In the list state of the intelligent shielding management system, the working voltage and current of all the intelligent shielding devices in the online and standby states are displayed in real time; the subsequent maintenance and repair are very convenient, and only the icon color of the intelligent shielding device in the intelligent shielding management system can be judged The working status of the device. Green is online, red is standby, yellow is alarm, gray is offline.

The 2022 college entrance examination is in progress, and students are nervous about the exam. In order to make the exam fair and prevent cheating, wireless signal jammers are installed in the exam room. The use of signal jammers may affect the normal use of mobile phones of residents around the school. Cell phone signal shielding The device provides the school with a fair and just examination environment, so that candidates can achieve good results in a quiet environment! Give full play to your talents in this important exam!

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