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What is a satellite jammer

Satellite signal jammer, also known as satellite signal jammer, consists of a transmitter and a transmitting antenna.

The transmitter generates microwave oscillating signals as interference signals to satellites through electronic circuits, and its shell is similar to the trunk amplifier on cable TV. The transmitter of the satellite signal jamming , it integrates the frequency hopping oscillation module, the power amplifier module and the high-performance switching power supply in a rainproof metal shielding case, as long as it is connected to the 220V power supply and the transmitting antenna, it can work normally.

The transmitting antenna is used to transmit microwave interference signals. According to the shape and structure of the transmitting antenna, it can be divided into three types: dipole plate antenna, horn antenna and omnidirectional antenna. The radiation angle of the dipole plate antenna is between 110° and 180°, and the radiation distance is relatively long. The radiation angle of common horn antennas is small, only in the range of 45° to 60°. Most of the current horn antennas use horizontal and vertical polarization to scan separately. This method consumes high power and has low effective radiation. Although the radiation distance of the antenna is comparable to that of the dipole antenna, the radiation angle is much smaller than that of the dipole antenna, but the cost is lower than that of the dipole antenna. Tragbare jammer have different performance indicators according to the interference coverage area and the requirements for equipped with transmitting antennas, and the price ranges from 5,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Satellite signal jammers can be divided into digital TV image signal interference and carrier (or narrowband) signal interference in terms of interference means. The former uses illegal image interference, that is, uses the same digital form as the normal broadcast signal to make the normal image appear mosaic or black screen. Interference is mainly based on power occupation, that is, high-power and same-frequency signals are transmitted in the same direction, Wlan jammer kaufen the power occupation is performed on the satellite receiving channel within a certain frequency range, so that the field strength of the interference signal is much greater than the signal field strength of the normal satellite reaching the ground, achieving interference The purpose of suppressing satellite signal reception.

The latter is divided into co-channel interference and non-co-channel interference; for co-channel interference, the interference signal can cause serious mosaics or pauses in the image, and a black screen will appear when the interference is severe. For non-co-channel interference, due to the frequency selection function of the satellite receiver, the interference level is allowed to be greater than the signal level, but if the interference level is so large that the tuner enters a saturated state, the TV screen will appear black at this time. However, GPS störsender kaufen are limited by distance and azimuth, because the propagation loss of the transmitted interference microwave is related to the operating frequency and propagation distance, so under the condition of free space propagation, the farther the distance is, the worse the interference ability will be. For 3.7GHz ~ 4.2GHz satellite signal interference system transmission distance is generally not more than 3km.

When using the satellite signal jammer, first connect the transmitter to the power supply, at this time the light-emitting diode on the side of the case will light up periodically, indicating that the transmitter has been working normally. There is also a power adjustable knob on the transmitter, the user can adjust the power to the ideal state according to the local conditions, so that the transmission distance is the longest. Satellite signal jammers emit microwave signals. Because microwaves propagate in a straight line, no matter how much power the satellite signal jammer uses, it is impossible to have an effect if it is blocked. Therefore, site selection is very important during installation.

Generally, the satellite receiving antenna is facing south to receive, so the jammer should be placed in front of the satellite receiving antenna, and the transmitting antenna should face the receiving antenna, that is to say, the direction of the transmitting antenna must be transmitting towards the north, and the interference effect is the best at this time. If the transmitter is placed behind the receiving antenna and transmits towards the south, the interference effect will not be satisfactory because the receiving antenna pot surface is a metal plate, which has a shielding effect.

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