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GPS Jammers Affect Navigation

Not only can jammers interfere with aircraft GPS signals, but jammers can also interfere with ship signals.

In recent years, due to the wide application of GPS positioning technology, some enterprises and individuals have illegally set up radio jammers, disrupting the normal order of radio frequency use, and even set up signal scrambler for the purpose of countering the relevant departments' drone law enforcement and collecting evidence and locating mortgaged vehicles. caused harmful interference to aviation. If you think about the plane flying in the sky, the GPS signal is blocked, and the plane cannot send the position to the ground command center, it is dangerous to think about this situation! Now there is a device called a GPS jammer that interferes with aircraft positioning signals.

Jammers like this often happen to interfere with aircraft GPS signals. In September this year, the Central South Air Traffic Management Bureau received reports of multiple flights losing GPS signals during the approach phase at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Some flights were triggering the terrain of the aircraft due to GPS signal interference. warning, resulting in a go-around. The problem of GPS interference has seriously affected the flight safety of civil aviation and the orderly operation of air traffic control. Moreover, the interference occurred in the early stage of the "Zhuhai Air Show", and the impact was large and the interference components were complex. Dongguan Industry and Information Technology Bureau acted quickly and successfully investigated and dealt with Cell signal jammer interference sources located in Shipai Town and Zhongtang Town in a relatively short period of time, and quickly restored the normal airborne GPS signal in the Pearl River Delta region.

The crew of a civil airliner that landed at Liuzhou Airport not long ago reported that the GPS signal began to be interfered by radio when the plane was about 8 kilometers above the runway while it was descending and preparing to land, and the GPS interference signal disappeared until about 4 kilometers above the runway. , The length of time for different flights to be interfered is different. The shortest time for the GPS of the passenger plane to be interfered is 60 seconds, and the longest time is 125 seconds. A few days ago, the center, through technical means, worked with relevant departments to jointly enforce the law. This case of interference with the GPS of a civil aviation airliner was seized and dealt with, eliminating potential safety hazards.

Not only can jammers interfere with aircraft GPS signals, but jammers can also interfere with ship signals.
Recently, a U.S. warship was carrying out a "freedom of navigation" mission in the Mediterranean area, but Russian personnel interfered with it with a GPS signal jammer system, and then the GPS signal suddenly disappeared. It can also be seen from the video that the U.S. warship had Tried to continue sailing, but without the help of the navigation system, it was easy to get lost in the vast sea, so the US ship had to choose to return, and then the Russian command room applauded. The application of GPS in the U.S. military can be described as very extensive. Every naval warship also has GPS to help navigation. It can be said that U.S. soldiers perform various tasks on the battlefield without the help of GPS.

Since the middle of this year, the ship's AIS signal in the Dalanping South operation area of Qinzhou Port has been abnormal, and the ship's position is sometimes displayed on land, which deviates greatly from the actual ship's position. It is suspected that the ship's GPS positioning information is inaccurate and the AIS information is abnormal due to strong interference. Later, after multiple investigations and analysis, it was confirmed that the source of interference was WiFi jammers installed by a company on the shore, which interfered with the GPS signal of the ship.

Commercial ships basically do not have this kind of anti-jamming technology. This is worrying, because small-scale GPS jamming is almost universal. While not legal in the U.S. and many other countries, off-the-shelf GPS jammers are easy to find online for as little as $20, and the higher the price, the greater the jamming range. Illegal fishing groups use the jammers to hide their tracks. Shipping container thieves use jammers to block signals from trackers inside containers.

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