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The mobile phone jammer will not affect the work of electronic equipment

During the operation of the mobile phone signal jammer, it will only shield the mobile phone signal and will not interfere with the normal work of other electronic devices.

From our understanding of jammers, we probably know that mobile phone signal jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals. They are used in exam halls to prevent candidates from cheating with their phones. Anyone who has taken the big exams has seen it. Obviously, this is not malicious shielding of signals, on the contrary, it is a performance of maintaining fairness and providing a fair environment for candidates. As the name suggests, a Cellphone signal jammer is a device that blocks cell phone signals. During the operation of the mobile phone signal jammer, it will only shield the mobile phone signal and will not interfere with the normal work of other electronic devices.

The mobile phone signal jammer can only shield the mobile phone signal and does not affect other electronic devices. During the working process, the signal jammers scans from the low-end frequency to the high-end of the forward channel at a certain speed. This scanning speed will form garbled code interference in the information signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent by the base station, resulting in the failure of the mobile phone to establish a connection with the base station. The mobile phone appears to search the network, the mobile phone has no signal, and there is no service system.

Under normal circumstances, the frequency emitted by the wireless frequency jammer will interfere with the normal frequency of the mobile phone receiving the base station, causing the mobile phone to be unable to connect to the base station, make calls, send and receive text messages, and browse the Internet. After the GPS Tracker jammer is turned on, even if the mobile phone signal is full, there is actually no signal during use. This is a "false signal" that appears on mobile phones. When you turn on the radio frequency jammer, it only has a shielding effect on the mobile phone, and has no effect on other electronic devices. This is because the electromagnetic signal emitted by the radio frequency jammer is completely within the radio frequency range stipulated by the state, which will only block the communication of the mobile phone and will not affect other electronic products.

Everyone still has a question, will the jammer affect the work of electronic equipment on other floors? Most people know that jammers are used in schools, prisons, detention centers, etc. However, jammers are also used in some special companies or confidential meeting rooms.
To know whether a jammer will affect the work of electronic equipment on other floors, we first need to understand what a Wifi signal jammer is and how it works. When the mobile phone is working, it connects with the base station through radio waves within a certain range to transmit data. In fact, the shielding effect of the signal jammer is mainly affected by factors such as the power of the jammer itself, the distance from the nearby signal base station, and whether there are obstacles.

Like ordinary low-power jammers, there are certain installation requirements for height. Due to installation errors, the transmission power will be weakened by some obstacles, which will affect the shielding effect. Moreover, most full-band shields are not recommended to be used through walls, mainly because the shielding effect will be greatly reduced after passing through a layer of cement wall. The reinforced concrete structure between floors has a strong attenuation effect on the signal, so the jammer will have little effect on other floors. If the signals on other floors are affected, the impact can be reduced by adjusting the transmit power of the full-band UAV signal jammer and installing a directional antenna.

If you are still worried, you can use this unique shape built-in 10-antenna portable signal jammer from jammermfg, which is a new portable mobile phone jammer. With a stylish shape, it can support 10 different jamming frequency bands. Not only can it interfere with GSM 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals within 5-30 meters, but it can also interfere with WiFi, GPS signals, etc., with very powerful functions. It adopts the latest technology and is mainly aimed at the college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and various colleges and universities in the examination process, some people use mobile phones to cheat.

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