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What Is content://

While utilizing your android cell phone, a spring up notice from Avast antivirus unexpectedly sprung up on your screen proposing that it as of late hindered a specific danger or your gadget needs a few advancements. On head of this spring up, you saw the accompanying words, " content: // ."

In this way, you kicked stressed and off looking over it on the web. Or then again, you are simply irritated by getting this spring up warning so you need to dispose of it. On the off chance that the above situation coordinates your present circumstance, at that point continue perusing and you'll have the option to clear the entirety of your questions.

The substance: // is only a piece of more seasoned form of Avast antivirus' spring up notice framework. It shows up haphazardly on your screen at whatever point Avast recognizes a danger (Malware, Virus, Adware, Spyware, and so forth) on your versatile and squares it. This spring up warning may likewise show up when Avast recognizes any dubious record on your gadget and clears it from the capacity. There is nothing to stress over as it is a piece of the working procedure of Avast antivirus.This spring up may be seen when you are utilizing the more seasoned forms of the Avast antivirus, as in the more up to date forms the 'content: //' content will be covered up in the spring up notice exchange box.

How To Get Rid Of 'content: //'

You don't really need to dispose of substance: //, as it is a significant framework record for the Avast notice framework on Android. Be that as it may, you can dispose of the spring up warnings gave by it as this specific content just shows up in the more seasoned adaptations of Avast because of an obscure bug.

In the more current form, the glitch is settled and you won't need to see the astounding content on your screen. Essentially, there are 3 Ways to dispose of this spring up warning in your android versatile. I will inform you regarding these so you won't need to remain baffled any longer. We should rapidly bounce to those 3 strategies.

1. Update Avast Antivirus

As the specific spring up notice is because of a glitch of the more established forms of Avast antivirus, the most ideal approach to dispose of it is to refresh the application. Follow these means so as to refresh Avast on your android cell phone:

Step-1: Open Play Store and snap on the three-lines present on the upper left corner of your screen.

Step-2: Now click on My applications and games. Next, change to the 'Introduced' tab.

Step-3: Find Avast antivirus in the rundown of applications which have an update accessible and afterward click on 'Update'

Step-4: Wait till the application is refreshed effectively.

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