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A strange phenomenon can now be observed regarding foreign guests wishing to attend the Victory Day Parade in Moscow on June 24.

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or example, the Russian Embassy in the Croatian capital in Zagreb said they had information that the country’s president, Zoran Milanovic, allegedly plans to attend the Moscow event.

Of course, the Russian embassy could not be trusted more than their president who claims that the cor epidemic is on decline in Russia, while hiding in his Novo-Ogaryovo bunker for the third consecutive month. On the other hand, if Zoran Milanovic does appear at the event, he will put his country in an extremely uncomfortable position.

After all, the president of Croatia is, first and foremost, the president of a NATO Ally so how do you think he’ll look like standing on Red Square in the capital of the aggressor state? It’s the aggressor state, I recall, which occupied part of Ukraine. Also, their intelligence services have been orchestrating terrorist attacks around the world, inciting conflicts, while their military and mercenaries have been killing civilians, employing chemical weapons, etc. After all, this is a country that Washington could soon declare a Sponsor of Terrorism.

At the same time, the president of Croatia, if he arrives in Moscow, will have to stand alongside not only President Putin of Russia but also the leader of Serbia, from whose territory the Russian GRU in 2016 tried to set up a coup in another NATO Ally, Montenegro, through mercenaries who had previously fought as part of a pro-Russian illegal armed formation in Donbas. At present, the Russian special services, as well as the Russian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Orthodox Church, are pursuing a large-scale operation to destabilize Montenegro on religious grounds.

Frankly, this would be just too surreal to be true. But does Zoran Milanovic get it? Or perhaps he could be alerted at least by the epidemiological disaster unfolding in Russia, which in fact turns the Victory Day parade into a potentially deadly endeavor, endangering lives of participants and attendants?

But, to be honest, this whole story about the guests would be surreal enough even without taking Zoran Milanovic into account.

According to the assurances by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan expressed their will to attend, despite Moscow’s constant moves to poke the never-healing wound of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. It’s also the leaders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, whose countries are under no less a threat on the part of Russia than Ukraine has already experienced. There’s also President of Moldova, the country whose part still remains under the occupation of Russian puppets. However, his attendance is no surprise as he is also a puppet handled by the Kremlin. Also, there are the so-called “presidents” of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, internationally unrecognized metastases of the Russian world… All of them could be standing next to… the leader of Croatia, right? And yes, there will be the leaders of Serbia and Palestine, too.

Honestly, I am disappointed that the Kremlin sweetheart war criminal Khalifa Haftar and a bloody dictator Bashar Assad will not be coming to Moscow. The leaders of the Russian-sponsored terrorist groups Taliban and Hezbollah will also apparently miss the photo op, where the North Korean despot Kim Jong-un would have looked nice, had it been not for his unstable health.

So the Croatian president still has time to reconsider, whether he should travel to Moscow or not - unless, of course, this is another attempt by Russian diplomats toward wishful thinking. This was the case, for example, with the story of the allegedly expected visit by the French president, which had recently been announced by Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Grushko, before being refuted today by the Champs Elysees press service.

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